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Amity Bones cleaning

Watercolors and drawings from work in progress. Some done for SCBWI workshops

Drawings : Morocco Diary

Every morning my Moroccan family kindly drove me to the medina, the huge central covered marketplace in Rabat. I sat  sketching on my essential portable artist chair in a different corner each day for several hours.  

Shoppers inevitably paused to see if they could  recognize what I was drawing. I enjoyed their remarks of encouragement, such as ” Ah, Madam, it is the carpet shop with the owner in his chair. ” Then, satisfied, they would wish me “bon courage,!” and pass on. “Bon courage”came with every conversation. What more could a visiting artist ask for? It was a blessing.


Specific moments in the weather


Sea scapes and sky scapes down East in Maine


Seascapes and Treescapes, January 20th 2022 – May 17th, 2022
Cosmos Club
Washington, DC

Photographs of the exhibit by Kent Minichiello

Download the Jan 2022 Cosmo Club Bulletin
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